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Landscape Design and Master Plans                      

We create award winning designs that will enhance the visual and spatial appeal of your residential, commercial or public property…”where ecology and horticulture unite”.

Our landscape design aesthetics offers our customers beauty, while providing practical and sustainable solutions that benefit our environment.

Some of the benefits include reduced dependence on lawn chemicals, water conservation, reduced water-runoff and increased bird and butterfly attraction.

Elements that may be included:                                  

6Native Plant Gardens                         
6Raingardens/Vegetated filter strips
6Natural Area Restoration
6Permeable Brick Pavement
6Rainwater Harvesting (ex. Rain barrels)
6Bird/Butterfly Gardens


Our landscape designers can help you evaluate your landscape needs and determine solutions most suitable to your site.

We can provide you with a wide variety of landscape solutions:           

6Site Analysis                                                          
6Plant Identification                                     
6Plant Selection                                        
6Erosion Control
6Retaining Wall Design
6Installation Techniques
6Natural Area Restoration & Maintenance
6General Garden Layout

And much more! We will make appointments to meet you at your property or at our office.

Please contact Erik Olsen,
Landscape Design, Consulting and Installation
651-438-2771 Ext. 12

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