4 Evergreen Shrubs
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Evergreen Shrubs
Species Photo Common Name Scientific Name Height Width Sun Water Use Moisture Bloom Period Flower Color Fruit Period Fruit Color Fruit Type Edible Parts Fall Color Wildlife Zone Recommended
Common Juniper Juniperus communis depressa 2'-5' 10'-20' full Low Dry May-June Blue cone fruit Bronze 3-4 Fragrant Garden
Common Juniper 'Blueberry Delight' ref Juniperus communis depressa 'AmiDak' 1'-2' 4' full Blue cone fruit Fragrant Garden
Spreading Juniper Juniperus horizontalis 6"-8" 6'-12' full part Medium to Low Blue cone fruit Blue Purple 2-4 Fragrant Garden Groundcover
Canada Yew Taxus canadensis 1'-5' 8' full part shade Wet-Mesic to Mesic Red aril Deer