9 Vines
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Species Photo Common Name Scientific Name Height Width Sun Water Use Moisture Bloom Period Flower Color Fruit Period Fruit Color Fruit Type Edible Parts Fall Color Wildlife Zone Recommended
American Bittersweet Celastrus scandens 3'-35' 6'-12' full part Mesic to Dry May-June Green White September-October Orange Yellow berry Yellow Bird 2-4 Deer Resistant
Virgin's Bower Clematis virginiana 12'-15' 6'-8' full part Wet to Mesic July-August White Cream August-September 3-5 Deer Resistant Groundcover
Red Vine Honeysuckle Lonicera dioica 5'-10' part shade Wet-Mesic to Dry May-June Red Red Orange berry Bird Bee Hummingbird Bumblebee Groundcover
Yellow Vine Honeysuckle out Lonicera prolifera 10'-15' 4'-8' full part shade Medium Wet-Mesic to Mesic May-June Yellow Cream Red Orange berry Bird Bee Hummingbird Bumblebee 4 Groundcover
Moonseed Vine ref Menispermum canadense 6'-12' 6'-12' full part shade Blue Yellow 2-5
Woodbine Parthenocissus inserta 12'-20' 3'-6' part shade Medium Green Blue Black berry Red Bird 3-8 Deer Resistant Groundcover
Virginia Creeper Parthenocissus quinquefolia 50' full part shade Low Wet-Mesic May-June Green September Blue Black berry Red Maroon Bird 2-6 Deer Resistant Groundcover
Bristly Greenbrier ref Smilax tamnoides hispida 10'-30' part Wet-Mesic to Mesic May-June Yellow Green Blue Black berry Yellow Bronze
Riverbank Grape Vitis riparia 35'-75' full part Wet-Mesic to Dry May-June August-September Blue Purple berry fruit Yellow Bird 2-6 Deer Resistant